The Mozhi Prize 2022 – Shortlist

We are delighted to share the list of translators shortlisted for The Mozhi Prize – 2022 by our eminent panel of judges. Congratulations to all the shortlisted translators!

  1. Darun S

Darun S is a PhD student at EFLU, Hyderabad. He works on modern Tamil literature. Darun has translated Senthil Jegannathan’s Clarinet.

2. Megana Kumar

Megana Kumar is a high schooler from Virginia, USA. She is an avid reader, her favorite genres being thriller and fantasy. She is passionate about bringing more Tamil stories to the eyes of Indian American youth. She is interested in STEM, wants to pursue pathology in the future, and loves volunteering. In her free time, you can find her buried in an Amar Chithra Katha comic, writing stories, or drawing superheroes because she can’t be one (she doesn’t have the courage to wear underwear outside of her pants). Megana has translated B. Jeyamohan’s Beast.

3. Vignesh Hariharan

Vignesh Hariharan is an advocate by profession and a student of literature by passion. His work has appeared in journals like Vallinam and Neeli. Vignesh has translated Su. Venugopal’s Resurrection.

4. Sherwin Rodriguez

Sherwin S. Rodriguez is a writer and translator based out of Chennai. His poetry has been published in various journals and he is currently a recipient of a fellowship from the JCB Foundation to pursue a P.G.D. in Literary Translation. Sherwin has translated B. Jeyamohan’s Maadan Moksham.

5. Anjana Shekar

Anjana Shekar is an independent writer from Chennai. A year ago she transitioned from journalism to explore other forms of writing and to begin her arts practise. She is now working on short stories and scripts. She also nurtures interest in mixed-media art work. This is her first work of translation. Her writings have appeared in The News Minute and The Hindu. Anjana has translated Senthil Jagannathan’s Cotton Fever.

6. Mayuravarshini. M

Mayuravarshini is a twenty-two year old based in Chennai. She recently completed her Masters in English and has stepped into the world of publishing as an editorial assistant. She is fascinated by the art of translation for the opportunity it provides to pause, reflect and savour words, phrases and idioms– the flesh and blood of all conversations. Mayuravarshini has translated Vannadasan’s A Brief Strain of Music.

7. Amruth Varshan

Amruth Varshan is a writer and game designer from Tamil Nadu, India. He has a background in engineering but his true passion lies in the meeting of literature, language, and art. Deeply fond of both English and Tamil, he’s always trying to find new ways to express his love for words. Amruth has translated B. Jeyamohan’s Filfilee.

8. Padmaja Anant

Padmaja Anant is a publishing professional and enjoys reading. She is interested in translating works from Tamil and Hindi into English, across a variety of genres. Padmaja has translated Chandra Thangaraj’s A House without Cats.

9. V. Iswarya

Originally hailing from Chennai, Iswarya V. now teaches English at a private college in Bengaluru, India. Right from her school days, reading has been her major passion and her love for words has dictated all her career choices so far: instructional designer, communication trainer, copy editor, and finally doctoral researcher in English literature. Her research lies in the intersection of contemporary British drama and consciousness studies, drawing from both Western and Indian philosophical traditions. Apart from her research publications in academic journals and anthologies, she has occasionally written essays on Tamil film culture for popular publications as part of her social media campaign “Calling Out Stalking.” She is venturing into literary translation for the first time here after rediscovering recently her ability to read Tamil and ruing all the years she has lost so far. Iswarya has translated B. Jeyamohan’s Ammaiyappam.

The results of The Mozhi Prize will be announced tomorrow (Dec 10) at 6.30 PM IST.

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